I'm a passionate Game Programmer with 3 years of experience doing personal projects and group projects. Determined to create excellent software with clean and readable code. I love discussing programming architecture and in what ways code can be improved. With a strong willingness to learn and improve.

Having worked with technologies such as C#, Unity, C++, Unreal Engine 4 and 5, ASP.NET, GitHub, REST APIs, NoSQL databases (MongoDB and Google Firebase). With proven experience working in teams and taking ownership of my work. Displaying effective communication, high dependability, and adaptability throughout.

Since 2020 I've studied Game Programming full-time, where I've gone from writing code that works for smaller projects to industry-standard code. During my studies, I've partaken in many extracurricular activities such as Game Jams, Group Projects, and Game Prototypes

In my free time, I often watch football or play video games and sometimes do a few personal programming projects